Saturday, 16 December 2006

Should I get offline???

It's 10pm. We get on a plane tomorrow. At 7.20am. Which means we leave here around 5am.

Should I think about packing??

It's the enormous bag of chocolate that have to be squeezed into the suitcases is scaring me at the moment.

Otherwise, all is set for the trip. The fridge is emptied (almost), the dog is at my parents' place, a few Christmas presents have been exchanged, the house is clean...

So next time I post here, I'll probably be in Japan! Yay!

Sunday, 10 December 2006


Ryan and I are off to Japan on Sunday. We're going to visit an online friend of mine and also meet her Japanese husband. We're going to stay with his family too, which we are really looking forward to! We've been told it's going to be really really cold though, which will be a huge shock as it's been STINKING hot in Adelaide this week.

After Japan, we're off to Christmas with Ryan's family in the US. We're also going to trip around the east coast a little, NYC, Boston and Baltimore are currently on the agenda and I am hoping to also stop in at Richmond and DC if there's time.

Yay! Now we just need to pack. As usual, we haven't even thought about this yet. My first task is to find my passport as I have this awful feeling that this job will be a bit of a challenge. Then we need to manage to fit clothes as well as Christmas presents into our suitcases. Sigh.

Ah well, there's worse troubles we could have, right!