Saturday, 13 January 2007


We've only got one more week to go!!!

Friday, 12 January 2007

Back to Virginia

Well, when we last left our intrepid travellers....

We had a great day out in Baltimore and saw the aquarium and the waterfront area. It ws a beautiful crisp day - perfect for photos but the camera battery was dead! :( Ryan loved the aquarium especially and the shark exhibit was very cool. They had an Australian exhbition on which was funny - looking at blue tongues and galahs in Maryland! Apparently, they made a bit of a tactical error when it first opened. They have recently moved the kookaburras into a separate location as they had been eating the display lizards!!

That night, we had a fun final night in Baltimore. James, his brother, Ben, Courtney, Ryan and I went out to a very cool Japanese steakhouse where they do all the cooking right in front of you on the grill. Twas very entertaining! Then we went on to another bar in the Towson area and played some pool.

On Tuesday morning, we got up reasonably bright and early and rented a brand new PT Cruiser to drive down to Virginia. The drive itself was pretty uneventful, though it kept threatening to snow. In Williamsburg, we checked into our hotel and then wandered around the historical Colonial Williamsburg area with James and Courtney until it got too dark and cold to see much! We then walked up to one of Ryan's college eatery hangouts - the College Delly (sic) and Courtney and I tried our first Ruebens for this trip.... MMMMMMM!

We went back to "rest" in the hotel after eating these huge meals but then Courtney and I had the fab idea that since it was only 7pm, there were two perfectly good shopping hours available and the Prime Outlets mall was just down the road!! Ryan and James reluctantly joined us, though we split up when we got there. Ryan and James reckon they did the entire mall twice but Courtney and I maybe managed a quarter before we got "trapped by the savings" at my favourite store in the Outlets - Wilson's Leather. Bags and jackets basically but all heavily reduced!! I got a replacement work bag, leather gloves and a wallet for Ryan - Courtney got two bags, hat, gloves and an incredibly soft black leather jacket. When the boys finally found us in there, we convinced James into a leather jacket too. Courtney and I both commented that we had shopping frenzy adrenalin going by the time we left to head back to the hotel with our booty! I'm going to have to go back one more time as I STILL haven't done all the stores...

We then headed out to the Green Leafe pub, an old favourite of Ryan's and a newer favourite of mine. This was the pub that we went to after the July wedding and we had an equally fun night this time. James kept ordering Courtney cocktails that she wouldn't drink though....

Then yesterday, we did a wander around Colonial Williamsburg again in the daylight and then drove down to Newport News to pick up our car and wave Courtney and James off in theirs as they had to head back to Baltimore. Our car has cost us an ABSOLUTE fortune so we're determined to enjoy it for the next ten days!! I've only turned the windscreen wipers on five times instead of the indicators so far...

We drove up to West Point, where Ryan's sister, Robin lives and caught up with her at the newspaper office where she is editor. It was great to see her and we hung out with her workmates for a while until it was time to head out and pick up the kids. They were so excited to see us - so sweet! We had a quiet night in last night, doing laundry mostly and chatting - and Robin made Ryan fried porkchops which had him in heaven!!

Today we've continued the slow start. We're off to meet up with Robin in downtown West Point. I've charged the camera battery and want to take a whole lot of pics - it's so gorgeous down there!! Not sure what we'll do tonight but tomorrow, Ryan, his dad and Jared are going to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum and later we're going to meet up with all the Denbigh people that we've missed so far in Newport News. Ryan and I are also hoping to swing past Denbight High School to say hello in the afternoon so we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Hello from Baltimore! We arrived here last night and it is great to see Courtney and James again. Not much to report yet, just wanted to let my mother and anyone else who might call the embassy know that we made it. :)

We had a great night out last night in Baltimore, going to a pool hall and playing darts as well. James' mother also spoiled us with a delicious spread when we arrived. We're heading out and about today - Ryan is keen to see the Baltimore Aquarium which is apparently one of the best in the country and Courtney and I are happy to do a little more shopping.

The plan is to head out tonight to Howl at the Moon ( which is a dueling piano venue. Should be a blast. Then we'll drive down to Williamsburg tomorrow to show Courtney and James the wonders of Ryan's hometown. So should be in touch in a few days, perhaps with a few fun stories to tell!

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Last post from Boston

Hello again! Another fun few days in Boston and now everyone is napping pre-dinner so I thought I'd update this log again.

So yesterday was a nice warm day again, though a bit rainy. We are really been blessed with some great weather while we're here. It's an absoute winter heatwave here with highs in the high teens, low 20s each day. Probably doesn't sound that incredible in Australia but since this should be one of the coldest spots in the US right now, we're feeling pretty lucky when we walk around without coats like we did today! My brother was walking around the park this morning in a tee shirt! The flora is all confused as well - there are cherry blossoms in the Public Gardens and the willows are all green again!

Yesterday, we had an educational day at the Boston Science Museum. Lots to see and lots of buttons to push. We went for a very late lunch to the bar that inspired the TV show, Cheers. I had Boston Cream Pie - oooh yum! We then went back to the apartment to catch up with my brother and then went out to a funky, very authentic restaurant in the North End - the area known as Little Italy. I had butternut pumpkin ravoli in an aspargus and lobster cream die for!! We then adjourned for liquor coffees and good conversation before wandering back home.

Today, we had another late, lazy start and managed to miss the breakfast, brunch and lunch rush. I think we actually started eating at about 2pm! We went to a lovely place near Ryan and Bec's place and had a nice walk there too, along a cool old style street with lots of interesting little shops. After "lunch", we walked over to the Prudential Tower and had a drink in their bar on the 52nd floor. The sun sets really early here at the moment so it was only around quarter past four but we got to watch the sun set and all the lights come on in the city.

We're off out for dinner in a while and then tomorrow, we're leaving on a jetplane for Baltimore to meet up with our friends from Adelaide, Courtney and James! We've had a blast in Boston - great city and wonderful company!