Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Hello from Baltimore! We arrived here last night and it is great to see Courtney and James again. Not much to report yet, just wanted to let my mother and anyone else who might call the embassy know that we made it. :)

We had a great night out last night in Baltimore, going to a pool hall and playing darts as well. James' mother also spoiled us with a delicious spread when we arrived. We're heading out and about today - Ryan is keen to see the Baltimore Aquarium which is apparently one of the best in the country and Courtney and I are happy to do a little more shopping.

The plan is to head out tonight to Howl at the Moon (www.howlatthemoon.com) which is a dueling piano venue. Should be a blast. Then we'll drive down to Williamsburg tomorrow to show Courtney and James the wonders of Ryan's hometown. So should be in touch in a few days, perhaps with a few fun stories to tell!


Sally said...

Have you seen the aquarium yet, it is amazing.

Melissa Jane said...

Duelling pianos is an interesting concept!

Courtney said...

Well, Howl at the Moon would have been brilliant had it been open that night... what a bugger... had a great night anyway though!!