Sunday, 28 January 2007

A few pictures...

...and then that's it for a bit.

We're all settled in back at home. All the laundry is finally done and all the gift distributed!! I've even lit my first candle :)

I've had a fun time getting used to driving on this side of the road though. Weird. I think I've hit the windscreen wipers hundreds of times - more than I did in the US!!

This first pic was taken in Kyoto. These guys are hawking for rickshaw passengers. I just love the trees and the light in this shot!

This is a gorgeous tree that I photographed in Kyoto. I think I'm going to have this shot framed. There was only the last of the autumn colours around when we were there. It must be AMAZING in fall.

Ryan is a big fan of the site and this was such a stunning example.

This is one of the Buddhist temples we visited. I had to lie down on cold marble steps to manage this shot. Andrea, Miyao and Ryan were standing below in the cold cold evening and thought I was quite mad!!

A shot of the Great Lawn in Central Park. I had a very well-timed flock of birds fly straight through the shot :)

Ryan's friend, Ken, took us to the riverwalk in Brooklyn and this is a shot of Manhattan from there. I just love the light in this photo. I don't think it takes any skill to take good shots in this light :)

This one is of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. The coolest thing about it is that it was absolutely pitch dark when I took this and I couldn't see any of the detail! I just gave night vision a go and I love the result!

This is one of my shots of West Point, Virginia, where Ryan's sister lives.

And that's it for a bit. I've left out pictures of people as I don't know if they want them posted on the net. We had such a blast - can't wait to do it again.

Back to work tomorrow - looking forward to it in one way, but gee, holidays are nice!!

Love to all who read this,



Carol said...

Fantastic Lynn, you must post more. I adore that tree shot too. Just gorgeous.

Courtney said...

I'm very impressed with your gorgeous pics, they are beautiful!

Andrew Scott said...

I don't want to discount your fab photo taking, but I found it particularly easy to get great pictures in Japan. Everything I took a photo of ended up looking like a postcard - the place is just gorgeous.

Matt said...

Wow...your night-vision is really cool...all the night vision features I've used end up looking like the end of Silence of the Lambs.