Friday, 29 December 2006

I'm in heaven!

I bought a brown suede coat for $25 the other day in the sales here. I have just realised it's REAL leather too!! Whoo. I love shopping in America!!

Off to Prime Outlets this morning too :)


scarabee said...

I love everything about shopping in America except tshirts. Why can't I get a tshirt that fits in this country?
~Sarah B

Carol said...

Lyn, I'm loving reading your diary here. Keep posting!!

Sally said...

lucky you, what a great buy.

Melissa Jane said...

Real leather! that's fantastic :)

By now you are probably somewhere near Times Square? Happy New Year!

Anita said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the update. I love shopping in the US, so many good bargains. Hope you are having lots of fun. Looking forward to reading about New Years Eve in Times Square.