Sunday, 24 December 2006

Pictures from Japan!

I've just worked out that I can upload photos from our digital camera so here are some choice ones! They don't do the trip justice at all as I can't use any of the one taken on the side which are all the cool ones :)

Here we are in Osaka - unfortunately I'll have to play around with the light as I had the camera on the night setting.
This is in Kyoto. These guys are touting for rickshaw passengers. Most of the trees had lost their leaves by the time we visited Japan but there were still some beautiful ones!
Here I am in a Japanese garden in Kyoto. It surrounds some beautiful old temples and was a glorious place for a walk.

Andrea, Miyao and Ryan eating all kinds of tofu and other yummy stuff at a restaurant in Kyoto.
Okay, it's taken me forever to work this out so I'll sign off now. Merry Christmas again!!

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Sally said...

Cool photos. Looks like a stunning place. Glad you had such a great visit. And how lucky are you to spend that time with Andrea.